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It’s hard to actually pinpoint a precise moment at which my life stopped being good and descended into the dark pit that I found myself at the bottom of on Tuesday 13th March 2012.  It felt like the end of the line that night, I was face down on the floor in floods of tears threatening suicide and only five days later coming to close to committing suicide before waking up and making the decision to sort this out.

I’m a thirty nine year old, father of two, but I had spent the previous few years steadily sinking into depression and struggling with an alcohol addiction, to the point that it destroyed everything I had and almost destroyed me, but I’ve turned it around, I’ve stopped drinking and made some big changes in my life.

Six months later I found the inspiration to start this Blog and share the moments that pin point my fall and my recovery, in the hope that just one person will find some inspiration in my writing to turn around their own lifes.


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251 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Michael

    “…but I’ve turned it around, I’ve stopped drinking and made some big changes in my life….” That is awesome ! Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the likes and for following my blog. I really appreciate it :)

  2. stevelashford


    I not only wish you well, I am praying for total victory for you not only over the bottle, but over every snare, hindrance and impediment the enemy attempts to use to keep you from fulfilling your God given destiny!

    Check out my post titled “Excerpt from The Promise of the Father.” I believe it will bless you.

    God Bless You,

    Pastor Steve Ashford

  3. RituKT

    I am Ritu from the blog ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’. I saw that we were connected through my blog. I announced my new domain but I haven’t seen you there yet.
    Please show some love to my new blog ‘Things To Rave About’ (http://toraveabout.com) which is just BBT at a new address.
    Hoping to see you there. Thanks!
    You are an inspiration to many, kicking a habit that takes over control of our minds needs a huge effort!

  4. bymyselfbutnotalone

    I have just started my blog yesterday and you already visited it, appreciated it and followed it! What’s even more amazing is that my second post seems to have been written especially for you …
    I can’t wait to dive into the bottom of this bottle and find out exactly what you’ve been going through and how you coped with it (or still do). It actually gives me hope for the person I wrote that post about, because even though I was being optimistic, I actually believed deep inside that he was past the point of no return. Now I’m not so sure, so thanks for that.

  5. Knapsack Heart

    There is always hope. One of my heroines, Corrie ten Boom, said ‘There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.’ No matter how low we go, he can reach down & help us. Thanks for visiting my blog, the likes & follow. I appreciate it!

  6. Mandi

    Hey :) I really liked your re-post today. As Diane said, really beautiful!
    I have a self centered question… The therapy I do is way different, very “in your face” I guess you would say. A lot of accountability. My therapist is an awesome Christian who went through seminary before becoming a therapist. My goal is to find out what God made me to be instead of this mask I’ve built. My therapist says that in order for me to progress (I’m at a standstill, not good), I need to be open to loving myself, giving myself grace and believing that I’m worth it. The last 2 are hard but I know true. I’m having a HUGE issue with self love. I wrote about it last night but have gotten only one response from a good friend. I do appreciate her thoughts but I think she’s Buddhist with some other ideas mixed in. I have come to appreciate your insight. I would like to hear what you think but completely understand if you don’t have time or desire to give input. https://mmstores.wordpress.com/ I don’t keep up with blogs as much as I should but I’m glad you’re blogging!

  7. Karina Susanto

    Dear Wayne
    Thank you for liking my posts also following my blog. I am glad:) You have such a great blog. looking forward to exploring your stuff more.

  8. Steve Rebus

    Hi Wayne! Thanks for liking and following my blog. Your story really moved me as i can relate to some of your depression and dark times. So pleased to hear you’ve found hope and have turned things around.
    I’m looking forwards to reading more of your posts. God bless you.

  9. Awesome AJ

    Hi Wayne,

    Your story is powerful and highly inspirational.

    Wish You An Amazingly Awesome Day! Zillions of Gratitude from the Soul of The Universe for following my Soul Inspiring Blog “AWESOME AJ”.

    Like the inspiring work you are doing through your blog/site, my blog http://www.awesomeaj.com/ is a blog on Soul Motivation, Universal Wisdom and Law of Attraction. It is my inspirational initiative to help individual Live their Dreams and Create Abundance.

    My passion is to Enlighten, Inspire and Motivate people around the Globe to live their Dreams with a “Never Give Up” Attitude, Believing in the Power of their Soul and Create the Most Awesome Life they ever dream of!

    Simply I am helping, guiding and supporting people in living their Dreams, being in Divine Happiness and becoming AWESOME forever.

    Thank You For Your Support.

    Loads of Love and Blessings from The Universe!

    -Awesome AJ
    Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

  10. farfetchedfriends

    Hi Wayne,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me.
    Looks like you have a great blog going here so I’m glad you found me because now I can follow you, too!
    Congrats on your sobriety and meeting the Lord. I’m trusting God with my food addiction and from one addict to another, I am glad we have the Ultimate help.

  11. leighla93

    New to WordPress here. It put a big smile on my face when I found a bunch of likes on my blog. I shall return and read more and go crazy with the like button too! When I became a Christian, I was reminded never to give up. And now as I follow back, I want to remind you it’s worth it never to give up because God is your strength. Awesome testimony! God bless you Wayne! :)

  12. Diane

    Thank you for stopping by and reading some of my posts!!!! I always pray that whoever God intended to read what I have written, reads it! God Bless YOU!!!

  13. Tracesofthesoul

    Bless you, Michael, on your journey in the light. Your visit on my blog perked my curiosity and I am delighted I satisfied that curiosity.The sun, the sky..oh my!! I am so enthralled with the beauty and the messages felt within. 18 years ago, when I made a huge life transition, when life felt so challenging, the early morning sky, the sun rising up on Lake Ontario filled my heart with peace and hope and courage. I like the sunrise just before it gets real bright…that special moment is very powerful and sunsets seconds before the sun slips away. Blessings and welcome to WordPress. I started my journey here in March after blogging on another blog, this one I can be free to be me…using my pseudonym, Oliana…Namaste :)

  14. znjavid

    Thank you Wayne for visiting my blog and the follow. Your blog is inspirational and I think you’re a very brave person. Keep blogging! Best wishes, Zainab

  15. hope4theheart

    Hello – Wayne as I read your most recent post and “about” the phrase the Holy Spirit brought to mind is “godly courage”. Absolutely that is what I see in you – the godly courage to look at your pain, to choose to hope and to change. Well done you! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for choosing to follow. There are so many choices out there to read, I very much appreciate you choosing to read mine. My prayer for you is God’s mercies that are new every morning (Lam 3:23) will continue to fill you every day with the hope you need to continue your journey of godly courage.

  16. shadeakinbiyi

    Hi! your story is very inspiring.Thank you for visiting,liking and following my blog. You’ve got a great site. I’m now following your blog also and i hope to read more of your posts . God bless you!

  17. anna mosca

    Bravo on the turnaround, there’s so much joy to be grasped, in spite of circumstances! Thank you also for the follow, this is to inform you that my post is a bilingual one. So if you get an Italian poem, please be patient, an English one will soon follow. I’m doing my best to keep things balanced :-)

  18. Gordon King

    Great testimony brother! I know exactly how you felt, I’ve been there myself. Without God I probably would be dead already.
    I also started a blog one year ago today. The Holy Spirit led me to start the blog, so I did what the Lord commanded of me.
    Keep the faith, stay close to the Lord, He will never leave you or forsake you!
    God Bless!

  19. wepoetsshowit

    Thank you so much for joining us on wePoets, it’s much appreciated. We’d be happy to showcase your work should you want to share. If so our theme and submsision pages explain everything. Have a peek at our poetry contest page too. ;-)

  20. Uncle Spike

    More folk than we may think have a ‘past’ and the odd skeleton or 3. I can very much relate to your history, albeit from 25 years ago. I congratulate you for sharing your thoughts.

  21. Uncle Spike

    On a different note….

    So you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers Wayne…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input :)

    Have a great old day…


  22. cherylfoston

    Wayne, I believe your blog is helpful to someone or a lot of people. Keep going with it. I enjoy reading your post and seeing how you finally figure things out. You can do it!! God Bless you and yours!

  23. Rivera

    ~~~When you come to the end of yourself..
    It is but God’s Grace that sustains..
    And that.. is enough..!!~~~

    Thanks so much for you interest in my little blog.. Much appreciated..!!

    ~~~No one is more secure than one who is held in God’s Hand~~

  24. novusanima

    I look fwd to reading more of your blog, thanks so much for stopping by and following mine, hope to “see” more of you in future!!

  25. kerrichronicles

    Thank you for the follow on Kerri Chronicles, Wayne. I look forward to getting to know you and checking out your site. Congratulations on your recovery, my friend. That’s so totally awesome! Thank you again for connecting with me.

  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wayne, this is an awesome “about”. You are wonderful.

    I attempted suicide 2011, my son finding me “blue & puffy” as he put it. Us separated, etc. I FEEL FOR YOU. I really feel for you, & I’m so glad you’ve recovered so far. Blogging is great. You really do connect with other people on your wavelength. I don’t connect that well in real life, but I tell you what, blogging, you really do connect.

  27. nataliescarberry

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am honored that you liked one of my posts. You have a powerful testimony here, Wayne, and I pray that your journey continues to take you upward and onward. It does help to surround yourself with a community of believers. Blessings, Natalie :)

  28. Pingback: Thanks for the follows « cognitive reflection

  29. sellairene

    My dear Wayne…Nothing is impossible for God. He is a Father who loves us, longs to restore our lives, and make our lives become new again. He restored the shattered soul. He makes you become a precious person. He loves you ((hugs))
    Thank you so much for following my blog, Jesus bless you, my friend.

  30. Mari

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your candidness is palpable through your writing! I look forward to reading some more of your posts!

    Blessings on this journey that you are on.


  31. HopeSpirit

    Thank you for finding my blog.
    2-22-2010 is the day I surrendered and chose to live a clean life. I applaud your recovery and your connection with God.
    My connection with God is a little more esoteric than yours; but I too could not imagine walking this path of life “alone.”
    May your day be filled with moments of grace, peace and hope.


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