More Spiders & A Balloon?

I got back home after karate a few weeks ago to the sound of manic laughter, the whole house was vibrant, that made a change, I usually get back to everybody in separate rooms, with very little interaction.

My partner (so to speak) was in hysterics, waving her phone about in fits of laughter, I couldn’t get a grasp of what was causing the laughter, but I could hear a commotion coming through the kitchen from the back room, then it was all explained.

On the phone was a freshly recorded video of my 11 year old son, trying to eradicate a spider with a balloon, yes you did just read that right a balloon, an inflated rubber balloon!!!

It appears that a spider was spotted by my son walking over the top of the room door, so my son had picked up a balloon in an attempt to squash the spider, he was jumping up swinging the balloon at the spider above the door, as I am only 5 foot 4½ inches tall (yes the half is very important) he is also quite short for his age, so you can image this looks quite a spectacle. He eventually managed to hit the spider with the balloon, which sent the spider into free fall down on to the top of the door architrave, the spider did it’s best to hide there, but my son was still jumping up, still swinging the balloon, still trying to squash the poor spider.

Well as you know my history with spiders (see The Seven Legged Spider), I had to make an amends here, so I stepped in between the frightened, quivering spider and my maniacal son, reached up over the door and this time carefully took hold of the spider, I took it straight to the back door, where I successfully managed to get the spider through the door and into the garden with all eight legs still intact.

I’ve gotta make a stand
But I am just a man
(I’m not superhuman)
My voice will be heard today
(Hero by Skillet)

Hopefully, that spider has gone back to the army of seven legged spiders, that have been plotting their revenge over the last few months, proceed to explain how I saved it’s life and all of it’s legs, in turn, gaining me a small amount of redemption and a stay of execution from the impending revenge attack.

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