Walking Tall

“Although I may only be 5 feet 4½ inches tall, tonight I thank God that I walk taller than any man.”

The last 24 hours or so have been a major break through in my life, the whole weekend marks a point in my life when I am free from the pain of my past. I know there will still be times when it will come back to haunt me, to bite at me once again, but for now I am no longer holding it inside, my deepest secrets have been released and the Hot Coal been extinguished, the scars are beginning to heal.

It’s been a fantastic weekend with the guys from Church at the Unleash Getaway, as part of last night’s meeting, I was asked if I was up for being interviewed about my past in front of the 60 others that were gathered, having posted Holding on to Hot Coals last Friday I knew it was time to let out the things I was holding in, the ones that were causing my pain, I jumped at the chance.  So Friday night I let it all out, the response from the guys was fantastic and I felt truly blessed to be in the company of these people.

Saturday morning was just as inspirational as a friend, who had previously told me some of his story, was interviewed.  I have to say he cried when I was Baptised, now I was crying as he told his story in detail, the connection between the two of us is stronger than I ever knew, I feel inspired by his story.  If he can rebuild his life with the faith he has shown, then he is further inspiration for me to continue rebuilding mine.

Saturday afternoon’s story was from a young man, who had luckily realised at an early age that his life had spiralled out of control on drink and drugs, he changed his life and turned to God, yet another inspiration for me on my journey.

I was blessed to be in the company of these two, together with all the other great guys, who were so supportive, the whole weekend was just brilliant, the only draw back was that it’s over so quickly, I want to be back there now, soaking up all the inspiration and faith that was in the place.

In the morning seminar I got the chance to speak briefly on last nights experience, I said:

“There was freedom in speaking last night, I feel that most of the chains that hold me down have now been broken”.

Stop the press, everything’s a mess
You can look alive, but you are not at rest.
And i-ideas are flowing through your head
A million miles an hour while lying in your bed
A lucid life you never thought you’d lead
(Of Men And Angels by The Rocket Summer)

I beg you all, don’t hold on to those hot coals, let them go, take them out and drop them in that bucket, only then can you be truly free from the pain inside.

2 thoughts on “Walking Tall

  1. waynemali Post author

    Thanks Polar Bear, just trying to make the best out of a dire situation. I’m doing it, I’m trying to change it all and hopefully inspire others along the way.


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