A Great Competition

Just got back home after a very long day at a karate competition near London, so tired now, but it’s been a great day.

After the roller coaster week I’ve had, I have to say I’ve been in two minds about going, but not only had I entered myself, I had also entered two of my students, one young lad was taking part in his first competition, so I was really obliged to go, although deep down I really didn’t want to miss my Sunday morning in Church, it means that much to me now.

But I’m glad I did, my young student did well for his first competition, although he lost in the first round of the kata (the performance of pre set routines), he beat the same opponent in the kumite (free fighting) before losing in the next round, a great start to his competition career, I was a proud instructor.

My other senior student, who entered, finished joint third in the kumite, narrowly losing his semi final to the eventual winner, another great performance.

Now to the bit I know you are all waiting for, how did I do?

Well I got through my first few rounds of kata this time, no first round exit, made it to the semi finals, then comfortably made the final later by winning my section. At this point whilst waiting for the final I had to get out, get some fresh air, well sort of, I really just wanted to cry, I was overwhelmed with emotion, I needed to shed some tears and in a hall with 300 plus karate competitors was not the place. Why the emotion? It wasn’t over yet, there was still the final, but at that point I was so happy to be doing well, to be competitive again, I just wanted to cry, the final was just a bonus, actually taking part was the victory.

Having said that I am very self-critical and I wasn’t overly happy with my kata in the final, it wasn’t my best, but it was good enough for second and a silver medal, behind the current National Champion, so after all that I was a little disappointed not to win, having come so close, but so happy to have taken part, still been competitive and in light of the past year done so well.

It was also great to catch up with old friends, some I haven’t seen for some months, the first thing that hit many of them was my new slimline figure, the little fat man was gone, I must admit I enjoyed soaking up all the great comments about my new look, I think I deserve to feel good about myself today, I’ve worked hard for it.

Some of my friends knew a little bit about my struggle, many of them didn’t know a thing, I spoke with a few people about it, I guess I was drawn to speak with these friends and each one had similar stories from their past, they gave me so much encouragement, I feel blessed just to know them.

Once again this week, despite all my self doubts, everything turns out pretty good, it’s been a fantastic day, if only for meeting old friends.  Just to compete again was a great feeling, to get a silver, well it actually feels great.

Everyday is a new day
I’m thankful for every breath I take
I won’t take it for granted
So I learn from my mistakes
(Alive by P.O.D.)

I feel good about myself today, the last ten days have lifted me so much, but I’m sorry I feel a little selfish here, a little self-centred, but I’ve loved all the fantastic compliments, I think for once I deserve to feel this good, because these comments do not just praise how far I’ve come, but they praise the glorious work our God has done within me.

3 thoughts on “A Great Competition

  1. Hawkruh

    I can feel how good you feel about being back in competitive form again. Alas, I’ve become “that fat little woman”. I hope that I can return too.

    1. waynemali Post author

      I’m sure you will, once you get back training and into the old routine you can do anything, I’ll keep checking to see if your training you know!
      Thanks for the great comments.


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