One Proud Instructor

Today has been another long day. I got up at 5.20am, left the house with the intent of walking for 5.5 miles, it looked like it had rained over night, which I thought would be good, as it was so cold yesterday evening I though the pavements would be iced over, well my road was ok, but round the corner was like glass and as my trainers that are only three months old have no grip, they have done over a thousand miles, I was all over the place, so I turned back early with only 3.5 miles completed.

At 8am it was off to Hatfield near London, today was grading day for some of my students taking their Black Belts. Firstly we had to get through 3 hours of training, my first full 3 hour session since my sobriety, well I’m glad to say it went well, I felt good, some of the old magic is returning, although I may be feeling it in the coming days.

Four of my young students were grading, whilst I sat on the sidelines, unable to drive them on, it was up to them now. Two of the young lads had tried before hand, but were unsuccessful once again, they’ve both improved greatly, but just didn’t quite have enough on the day, a shame, but these things happen, I myself failed twice before I finally passed on the third time lucky. The youngest of the four was attempting it for the first time, he did well, he passed two thirds of his grading, but has to retake the other part at a later date. All three did well, we’ll keep working hard and try again in a few months.

The fourth student, well he’s a real trier. He’s been with me a number of years and well he’s not the most naturally gifted students, he’s struggled along, he’s had setbacks but always picked himself up and carried on. He’s tried on four previous occasions and failed each time, but he’s always pushed on after each failure and worked hard to improve.

Well today was his day, he finally did it, he finally achieved his dream and he deserves it. The look on his and his father’s faces when the results were given said it all, the relief and the joy, it was priceless.

And me, well I stand on the side lines as proud as any instructor can be, young Ryan deserves his day of glory, he deserves to taste success and deserves to wear that black belt.

“We lose our way, we get back up again
It’s never too late to get back up again
And one day you gonna’ shine again
You may be knocked down, but not out forever”
(Get Back Up by TobyMac)

Without any disrespect to any of my other students, but it is always more satisfying when one of less gifted of students just keeps persevering, just keeps plugging away until they finally get to wear that black belt around their waist. I couldn’t be more proud of anyone today, Ryan you deserve it more than anyone, well done.

2 thoughts on “One Proud Instructor

  1. Hawkruh

    How great an achievement! I was also one of those students who didn’t have natural ability. I began my karate studies at age 41 in Kempo Goju Karate. But I gave it my all and earned my black belt right after turning 47. I was the first female black belt out of our school (location) though not in our system that has been training for 42 years. I love teaching karate, but have moved away from the state and dojo. I’m not quite up to having my own dojo, mentally. I haven’t even been able to keep up my own training. But it brought great satisfaction to accomplish what I have.


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