A Year Cycles

A Year Cycles

Another year grinds to an end
It started out just the same
Stuck, in a revolving cycle
A life in the rut
Living then dying each day

As winter faded spring arrived
The old life died, it hit the floor
A word in the ear
A life was changed
Pain subsiding, life rebuilding, reborn

With summer sun, came holy rain
To wash away a painful past
A glorious day never forgotten
A life reshaping
The walk begins a journey endless

As the leafs fall words now grow
Coals extinguished in release of pain
Opening the heart
Pouring out the inner soul
All in hope of words to inspire

The winter returns but somehow different
Mistakes of life etched inside
A determination never to return
To walk a journey counting days
Still holding tightly the Angel’s Halo

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