Wash My Sins

Wash My Sins

I woke that morning
Tired, weary
I washed, I dressed
The weather, I checked
Rain maybe
Check again

I walk through the house
To get my coat
It doesn’t matter
Not bothered
You talk within me
Don’t worry
It doesn’t matter about getting  wet

I walk, I arrive
Say hellos, take my seat
At the back
Then I hear, hear you talk
Time stands still
You say stand be counted

I reply, I’ll do it
In my seat again
Once again
Time is standing still
Once again

I’m lifted from my seat
I fly
You carry
Landing at the front
Speaking words you gave

A tear within a song
Time for me to stand
Climb, jump
Standing ready
Then the rush
Washed in glorious splender

I’ve flown with Eagles
You raised me up
So high
I thought no not yet
But you say
Son it’s your time
But you wash my sins away

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