Review of 2012 The Bottom of a Bottle Way

Here in the good old United Kingdom, the run up to New Year is filled with TV programs reviewing the events of the last year and giving out awards, so I thought I would join in and offer my own take on the year.

So here goes, there are many categories, too many to think about to be honest so I’ll cover just a few. To be quite honest I just don’t follow the news anymore, in a year where I’ve tried to move away from depression, the news just brings me down, so I won’t be covering anything news based or especially politics.

Well I’m sorry but soaps over here are just so depressing, I don’t need that I need a laugh, also I love sports of any kind, so Benny and I love to watch A League Of Their Own, it’s more laugh than sport, but it’s our must see Friday night viewing, we love it!

Watch out for Jimmy Carr’s cap throw at the end, unbelievable.

This has to be a film I’ve been to the cinema to see, so that narrows it down to three, so it’s between Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (the kids wanted to see it, honest), Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (honest, the kids really wanted to see it) and finally The Hobbit (okay both Benny & I really wanted to see it), the first two are well actually not bad, watchable but only with the kids, so the winner is The Hobbit, it’s a great film, just a shame we have to wait so long for the next part.

So many great albums released this year including Third Day, Fireflight, Flyleaf and many more, but my favourite would have to be The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North, this bands music has been a key part in my rebuilding process and this album became an able friend to walk with, it has some great songs with praise and worship for God and Jesus, well worth a listen.

Again so many songs have meant so much over the year, many I have found have become a favourite on constant repeat, but of all the songs throughout the year The Precipice by The Classic Crime stands out, after all without it I probably would still be thinking about starting this Blog.

As much as I hate reality TV, the X Factor is about the only one I do watch, mainly for the complete spanners who turn up for the auditions with a singing voice that sounds like Pee-Wee Herman gargling with a razor blade, but they still think they are the best thing since sliced bread.  But once in a while you get someone with genuine talent, apart from this years winner James Arthur, one stand out talent was Lucy Spraggan, she made the finals but withdrew due to health issues, but at boot camp she sang a short version of her own song Tea And Toast, the full version is story telling through song at his best, take a listen, it blew me away.

Now in the UK we had some great performances this year with the Olympics it would be easy to pick many, including Bradley Wiggins, Olympic and Tour De France champion and the best pair of Made in England sideburns seen in many a year, obviously Andy Murray, US Open and Olympic tennis champion, okay he was Scottish when he lost at Wimbledon, but British when he finally won, Mo Farrah another stand out double gold winner, Jessica Ennis, beautiful, talented, beautiful, Olympic Heptathlon champion and oh did I mention beautiful, but my choice is one young British star where who I actually have met.

My choice though is young Sophie Wells, I met Sophie about six years ago when I was surveying her parent’s house, she was quite shy and if I remember rightly she served me and my young helper with coffee and biscuits, she did her best to hide her disability.  I got to know her mum in the process of the work we were carrying out for them, Sophie had made the junior British Equestrian team and they hoped she would make the 2012 Paralympics as part of the team.  I actually did the drawings and plans for a new Ménage for Sophie to practice on, so in some small part (okay, when I say small I mean as in a single grain of sand in the desert sized part) and the rest is history, she returned from the Paralympics with one Gold and two Silver medals.  The Post Office has painted some of our traditional red post boxes Gold in honour of many of our Gold Medal winners, Sophie has her own gold post box in Lincoln, about 15 miles away from where I live.

Sophie Wells Gold Post Box (picture credit: Wikipedia)

Sophie Wells Gold Post Box (picture credit: Wikipedia)

Also congratulations to Sophie, I understand that she has been appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire, in the 2013 New Year’s honours list.

Ok, I’m going to hog one for myself here, nothing this year could compare to my Baptism, I’ve written about it and even formed about poem about it, it quite simply is unsurpassable for me this year, how can anything top being call out by God, to know that despite your own self-doubt God thinks your are ready!

It is not easy to try to pick out one stand out person, there have been so many that have shown me such support, James, Gareth, Alex and many others at Church, but also on here, the friends I’ve made over the last few months through this site, so quite honestly anyone who has shown me any support this year deserves their share in this.

Well this one’s mine again, well the old me anyway, the deadbeat loser of an alcoholic who lost his way in life, we said goodbye to him back in March when life changed and hopefully the world will never see him again.

Tempting to take this one again myself, but I want to share it with anyone who has come out of whatever darkness, addiction, illness or anything that made life for a time seem unliveable, take a bow all of you, you are an inspiration in your own way and never forget that.

So there you have the Bottom of a Bottle 2012 review of the year, unfortunately there are no lavish statuettes or pieces of artwork to display on your site (I not that artistically inclined, sorry).

See you all in 2013, Happy New Year (again).

11 thoughts on “Review of 2012 The Bottom of a Bottle Way

  1. Maxima

    May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!

    1. waynemali Post author

      Thanks Tilly
      I may have the Title Complete And Utter Spanner of the Year, but I don’t have the copyright, you may use it as you will.
      Happy New Year


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