Say Hello Our Beautiful Daughter

Say Hello Our Beautiful Daughter

So four and half years have passed
Now I’m feeling that nudge a second time
It’s time to get ready once again
For another journey under blue lights
It’s going to be an extremely long night

But I’m hoping it won’t last too long
With none of the stress as the time before
But however long that we have to wait
It’ won’t matter to us, not at all
We’re just eager to say our hellos

The minutes and hours they drag
As the sun slowly rises outside
There’s no panic this time, it’s quite calm
But my heart’s still beating just as frantic
And once again I’m struggling with her pain

But suddenly it all starts to happen
And the midwives all spring into action
It’s getting ever closer and closer
And we’ll be saying hello to new life
To a little baby sister for our Ben

Once again that special moment is here
We rejoice in the miracle once more
For a second time we’re saying our greetings
Wrapped tightly, we hold you so tenderly
Smiling at all the beautiful faces you make
Nice to meet you Eve, our beautiful Daughter

For my daugher Eve, born 9th March 2006.

23 thoughts on “Say Hello Our Beautiful Daughter

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Sheri
      Sorry for any confusion, the poem is my reflections on her birth, she’ll be seven in March, I was just remembering the moment.
      Thanks anyway.

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Jody,
      Thank you, but Eve’s nearly seven now, I was just reflecting on that day back in 2006, it was a special moment, I felt I needed to record somehow.
      Thanks again

      1. Jody

        Well then, wonderful just the same! She’s a very special, very loved seven year old! You are obviously still a proud & happy papa!

        1. waynemali Post author

          Thanks Jody,
          She’s very creative, she writes and draws all the time, so I’ll have to think of how I can spoil her for her birthday in March.

  1. pjb1943

    O.K., Wayne, she’s seven now, but congratulations anyway! It was a nice quote to commemorate her birth. Thanks for your visit to my site.


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