Alive & Still Kicking, Just Tired, Very Tired

It seems like forever since Sunday, but that was the last time I posted, the longest period I have gone without posting since I started this blog.

It been a week where I been back at work full time and also karate has started back.  So after a lazy few weeks, where apart from a few days work and a short walk every morning, to be honest I have done very little, so I’m glad to get back into some sort of routine.

But unfortunately for this week it means I either been too busy or too tired to write anything, I managed a few replies to comments on Monday, but today I have just enough time to write and post this before a shoot off to Church for an hour or so then off to karate.

But apart from being immensely tired this week, all is well, I have received another award and will try to get round to that at the weekend, hopefully I will be back with a proper post on Friday.

It makes you crave
It makes you fall
And then you bleed and you give your all
In that holiday, I’ll take you away
You drink it in
To sooth your soul
The tide could turn and the dice
Could roll
In that holiday, I’ll take you away
(Holiday by Future Of Forestry)

10 thoughts on “Alive & Still Kicking, Just Tired, Very Tired

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Robin,
      It has just been so busy, I have got back into things quite heavily after a rest and I guess it caught me by surprise, I just want to sleep, but I have to keep going, get back into the swing of things and I’ll be alright.

      Thank you checking in on me, I wouldn’t have left you guys for long, I think alot of you all and you especially Robin.
      Love and blessings

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Diane,
      I managed a bit of poetry tonight about being tired of all things, but I just can’t get my head into full post at the moment, but I will return soon, I promise.

  1. gegebearbear

    Sounds like our weeks have been similar. Except, they wouldn’t let me near a karate class. I got the OK to start working out this week, so I have hit the gym daily.

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hey, that’s no problem, I am glad your still kicking and busy, being busy helps deal with the little things, keeps the focus.
      Keep kicking my friend.


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