Fighting For Rest

Fighting For Rest

Sleep creeps along these aching bones
My mind wanders along a lonely road
No need to count the sheep as they pass
They quietly drift by as my tired eyes fight

I carry on pushing through the hours
No time for sleep as I’ve still so much to do
Still wrestling with the urge to lay my head
Now I’m closing on the moment I consent

I hit the pillow so hard I sink right within
Now it’s my time to fall so very deep
To embrace the peaceful dreams I so crave
To rest the bones that carry me through each day

The weekend has once again come back around
Thankfully I have made it through this week
Upon minimal rest I’ve walked this busy path
So now I can relax and take that well earned rest

6 thoughts on “Fighting For Rest

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Jill
      I function better when I am busy, I get lazy if not and the rest is history I guess, just getting back into it after a lazy Christmas has caught me out.
      I hope you are feeling better and Barry is ok.
      Love and blessings

  1. Silver Lady

    Me, too! ‘Made it through the week… Am up at 4am… struggling to sleep, even though so tired. I’m hungry… whaddaya know? I make food. Feel little better. I look for camaraderie… experience, strength and hope. I take a deep breath… and move on to do the next right thing.

    1. waynemali Post author

      Tell me about the hungry bit, I’ve eaten for England this week, I piled on half a stone in just a week, I need my routine to get back to normal, but I’m getting there, I keep fighting, as you say take a deep breath and move on.
      Thanks for the comment.


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