300 Days With God In My Life

I touched on this in my post earlier this evening and covered that whole day in my post Answering The Call, but today it is 300 incredibly fantastic days since I made that life changing phone call to Gareth and when both Gareth and Alex sat with me that very same evening, listening to the complete mess I had made of my life over the previous few years and watching as I broke down with the pain  that my reckless life had brought me at that point.

The days have been so varied since then, on the most part they have been great, but some of those very early days were so painful and testing, I know at I wanted to quit on those hard days, I considered taking another drink just to ease my pain, but I knew submitting to it would only be bringing about a temporary relief, I knew I would end up back in a world of pain away, so with the help of God and the fantastic friends he brought into my life, I made it through the darkness and the isolation and came out the other side.

But I have had some of the most fantastic days, obviously the day of my Baptism stands out, as not just a great day but a truly fantastic day, together with the birth of my two kids, it ranks up there as one of the three greatest days of my life so far, three births, two new born and one reborn.

Then 98 days ago I took the plunge and started this Blog, after a pretty slow start, mostly because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, things picked up and I have found a group of diverse yet wonderful people, from the four corners of this wonderful world. Believe me, all of your encouragement, kind comments and praise have been received with the most sincere of thanks. Trust me when I say you are all as much an inspiration to me, as you say that I am to yourselves.

This walk with God has so far been simply the most amazing journey and I know that I have only scratched the surface, I know there is still a long way to go, I know there will be further fantastic days ahead, but I also know there will be some extremely testing days ahead, days when I want to give in again, days when I just want to runaway and hide and then there will be days when I want to stop the walk for good, those testing days will come I know it, but I know on those days I have to reach out to God more than ever for the strength to get through them, with God I can do it, with God I can get through anything, with God all things are possible.

So here’s to the next 300 days and all the fantastic things that they may bring, I hope you all stay with me for the journey.

Like a mighty fortress, He is our God
Like a mighty fortress, He is our God
When enemies surround us, rising like a flood
They break into pieces, swallowed in dust
(Mighty Fortress by Jesus Culture)

16 thoughts on “300 Days With God In My Life

  1. writerwannabe763

    Having been very close to my one brother..(I actually had 2 brothers and 1 sister) but closest to one of them D. who were alcoholics I can appreciate the struggle you have had….And also appreciate the joy that you feel now in your life. While I can’t empathize…not having had the same issue I know what it is to feel lost but with me it was depression and climbing my way out of it…..but thanks to God I did ….Hope to continue with you as a blogging friend also…Diane

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Diane
      Thanks for sharing that with me. I understand your struggles with depression I’ve suffered from that and lived with a partner who suffered from it for years, it can be a hard road and I am so glad you’ve made it through. I praise God for the strength he has given us both.

  2. granonine

    Wayne, I just found your blog via The Mustard Seed Budget. I was intrigued by your story. I am a Christian therapist, and I sometimes work with people who have already walked your path, or are just beginning their journey to recovery. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and to tell you I will pray for you. The path you’ve chosen is often difficult; it is also the best and most ultimately rewarding. God bless you!

        1. waynemali Post author

          Thank you for the link, I have followed your Blog and will take a good look through the posts you have suggested when I have time.
          Thanks again,

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  4. Glorious Mettle

    Cheers to many more 300 days for you. That 1st step and the early days and weeks after are always the hardest. But all the work you’ve put in will be your strength if/when you come to a point where you don’t think you can go further.


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