Take A Day Off Mr Genie: Daily Prompt – Writing Room

Daily Prompt – Writing Room

This morning I found the perfect place to read, I sat there for 45 minutes reading the book of Daniel from the Old Testament, but I didn’t need a genie, he can have a day off.

But it was I place I’ve known all my life, a place I’ve walked by thousands of time, a place over the last year I’ve walked alongside of at least once a day, almost everyday, it’s been there longer than I can remember.

I’ve taken inspiration from it many a time, followers of my Blog have come to know it over the last month as if they walked by it themselves everyday also, they too have witnessed and marvelled at its beauty.

I’ve photographed this place almost daily for the last few months, nearly always underneath the most spectacular sunrise, it traps the early morning sunrise like no other place I know.

This morning my walk was like most of my others, I set off at 5.30am walked along the cycle track, which runs along the route of an old railway for 4 miles out of Newark towards the village of Cotham, I walked as usual to the end of the track then returned.  The track runs alongside a lake, which is locally known as Blue Lake, an old gravel quarry which was flooded, many a year ago, to form a lake.

A foot path surrounds the lake and small fishing stations jut out into the lake and small benches are randomly placed around it. It’s a haven for a number ducks, geese, swans and other birds, together with the rabbits that run here and there across the cycle track.

At 7.45am I returned to the lake, it was deserted, not a soul in sight, I had the whole lake to myself, just me and the birds, waiting for the sun to rise.

I walked down one of the stations and sat right down at the bottom, just feet from the water’s edge.  Then I waited for the sun to rise, as I did I decided to read, I took out my iPhone and read the book of Daniel from my Bible app, as the sun rose I occasionally paused to take a picture, then went right back to reading.

It’s the first time I’ve sat here in its beauty and felt the inspiration of the surroundings and the rise of the sun, but I’m glad I stopped and took that time alone, no one else in sight, just me, the birds and the sun reflecting on the gentle ripples of the lake.

I want to return here again, not just in passing as I do everyday with a camera in my hand, but to sit quietly, to read and to write in its glorious beauty.

The lake may be man-made, but God has given it beauty, he blesses it with wonderful sunrises, like the one below, how can anyone not feel inspired to read and write in this place.

Sunrise 13

Sunrise 13

Take the day off Mr Genie, God’s got it all in hand!

For now I’ll wait
For the sun to shine again
And for now I’ll wait
For the rain to pass away
And I’m looking for the brighter days
When all my hurts seem to fade away
I’m looking for the brighter days to come my way
(Brighter Days by Leeland)

12 thoughts on “Take A Day Off Mr Genie: Daily Prompt – Writing Room

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  2. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman

    Yes indeed God has it all in hand and nothing says it better than a beautiful sunrise or even a sunset and all that His creation has to offer.

    1. waynemali Post author

      HI Patty,
      Thank you, I love the sunrises more, having walked from the darkness of my addiction to the light of God’s love, each morning I set out on a walk in the dark of night into the light of the sunrise, I just love to watch the skies now, i’m not hidden behind the curtains as I was.
      Thank you again for your kind comments.


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