Ever Close To You – Pocket Full Of Rocks

As part of my post last night, Mountains In Your Path?, I was desperately searching on YouTube for a video to a song that I had been listening too over the last few days, I song that had caught my attention and match the content of the post, but alas, YouTube failed me, there was no video at all, let alone a lyric video.  So not to be out done, I’ve made my own again and I post it here for you to enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Ever Close To You – Pocket Full Of Rocks

    1. waynemali Post author

      I did try to get it seemless, so you don’t notice the sun rising as you read the lyrics, but I don’t have expensive software, but it worked out okay, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  1. misswhiplash

    it’s a funny old thing being a Christian. We all want to stay closer to Jesus but He gives us the right and opportunity to walk away. Maybe that freedom of choice is what keeps us glued to Him. My life without Jesus would be nothing, absolutely nothing

    1. granonine

      So true, misswhiplash. Besides which, if we had no choice but to stay close to Him, how meaningful to Him would that be? He wants us to choose to love Him; He does not force us to do so. I love that.


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