Prayer Request For Friends

Following on from my previous posts, A Prayer For Alice and Prayer For Friends, I feel that my own personal issues which surfaced last Sunday during the Church service pale in comparison to those that two people I know are facing at the moment, mine don’t cause me pain, just anguish, but after Sunday I know mine are in God’s hands and he will help me bring a solution in due course, in his timing not mine, I just have to believe in the promises and stay faithful.

In the mean time two friends continue to suffer, firstly Alice, the very young daughter of my Pastor’s Justin and Ruth, Alice underwent 7 hours of corrective surgery earlier this week and has been having a rough ride through the recovery process, but she keeps smiling, she fighting through it, but Alice, Justin and Ruth all need our prayers too.

Then I received an e-mail from one of my earliest followers of this blog, from Jill at Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!  She sent me a personal e-mail to let me know that she had received the news she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I really didn’t have words to comfort her with, except that I will pray for her, both her and her husband have overcome so much over the last year that this is all she needs.

I have a very supportive following here at The Bottom Of A Bottle, many you are Christians, many aren’t but still show your support for all I have been through, I ask at this time that you both share prayers and support for both Alice and Jill, one young child facing so much for someone so young and one wonderful lady who has fought through so much and she is fighting once again, I would be so grateful if you could please give them your thoughts and prayers at this time.

I see you lying their whispering prayers
I hear you breathing out hollowed be thy name
Holding out my hand catching every tear
Oh my child I’ll never leave your side
I will give you peace when the walls come crashing down
I will give you peace through the night
When you’ve had all you can take can’t face another day
I’ll give you peace, I’ll give you peace
(Give You Peace by Echoing Angels)

9 thoughts on “Prayer Request For Friends

  1. gegebearbear

    Wayne, again…Thank you! I think I’m speechless for the first time ever. Alice has been added to our prayer list at church and mine and Barry’s list at home.You, are forever in my thoughts and prayers…….Jill

  2. Patty B

    Will pray for them as God continues to watch over them. I am a 12 yr breast cancer survivor, although the news is devastating let her know there is hope – and for her to cling to it. Blessings – Patty

  3. garden2day

    I am so sorry to hear about your friends–they will also be in my prayers. I laughed the other day (sorry–only because of my personal battles and struggles) when you said about the microwave and what else can go wrong… I used to say that until I realized more things happened so I quit. It can always in someway be worse and I am so thankful that it isn’t–I don’t say that anymore by the way– 😀 . Please take care! 🙂


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