Your Promise

Your Promise

You know I fell
Of course you did
You were there
Standing beside
Sand grazed my knees
But the scars will heal
You won’t let them last
You raised me to my feet

But you didn’t stop there
You lifted me in your arms
Holding onto so tightly
You carried me through storms
You never left my side
Because that was Your promise
You picked me up when I fell
Carried me in my weakness

When I was spent
You lifted me up
When I was lost
You gave me eyes to see
So now when I look back
At Footprints in the Sand
I see when I was carried
In Your promise You never left me

8 thoughts on “Your Promise

  1. lessonsbyheart

    I’m so thankful that Jesus never lets go. He picked me up so many times. One of my favorite verses is Deuteronomy 33:27, “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms;…” We never fall so low that He is not there to catch us. Amazing grace!

    Thanks for following. I look forward to hearing how your journey is progressing.

    \ 🙂 /
    Praising Jesus for setting me free!
    Oh, yeah, I’ve been sober for 28 years. If I can do it with His help, anyone can!

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Tami
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel encouraged when I here from others that have come through sober for years by the Grace of God, you are an inspiration for me to continue.
      Thanks again

  2. Brenda L. Yoder

    This is beautiful. You know the reality of God near you because He sees the good, the bad, and the ugly, and He still loves and pours back into us! Keep writing. Your expressions are beautiful!

    1. waynemali Post author

      Thank you Brenda
      When I found this and I couldn’t remember writing it, I couldn’t believe I had abandoned it, but I’m so glad I rediscovered it and you enjoyed it.

  3. gegebearbear

    Wayne, this is Jill’s husband. Surgery went fine, home doing well. Waiting for pathology report in 7-10 days. Thanks for your support.

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Barry and Jill
      Thank you for keeping me informed, I appreciate it and I am glad you are doing so well. I keep praying for you as you know.


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