No Walk Wednesday

Ok, so yesterday I just ran out of steam, I think my body was telling me to slow down, take a rest, I put in a lot of hours last week, between my job, Church, Karate, architectural work and computer repair work, I put in over 75 hours, not counting travelling to and from, I was definitely ready for the rest.

So this morning I had a lie in, WOW, I don’t lie in anymore, not beyond 6.30am anyway, if you can call that a lie in.  This morning although I was awake around 6.30am, I napped a few times until I got up mid morning and to be honest, I enjoyed it!

So no walk this morning, maybe tomorrow, but for now I share a couple of photo’s from yesterdays walk.

Burning The Edge Of Clouds

Burning The Edge Of Clouds

Light Beyond Spring Growth

Light Beyond Spring Growth

I can see Your face
I can see Your hands
I can see Your finger prints
You’re everywhere I am
I can hear Your voice
What a beautiful sound
Oh, Your love, Your love
Your love, Your love is loud
(Love Is Loud by Luminate)

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