Set Tall Upon My Feet

Set Tall Upon My Feet

Do you see me as weak?
When I cry out in my despair
Yet in my weakness He is strong
For it is the broken He can repair

For I have overcome so much
All my beliefs I’ve overturned
To let go of all that I was
Relinquish the hatred that burned

It was up the hill of Calvary
That I crawled upon my knees
And there I found the cross
Where I laid down my disease

For there the blood of Christ
Washed away all my shame
Erased all my guilt and anger
Yet He apportioned no blame

By His hands I was lifted
And set tall upon my feet
A new chance of life lay before
A broken heart begins to beat

Slowly rebuilding this shattered life
With each new step that I take
A discovery, a revelation made clear
Of the plan The Father did make

No longer taking this life for granted
For it is The Word that I seek everyday
And through prayer and praise
It is that I have found The way 

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