Half Empty or Half Full?

Half Empty or Half Full?

It’s the age old question isn’t it?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Pessimist or optimist?

Daily Prompt: The Glass

What really does that glass represent, ultimately I believe we are looking at our own lives.  When we view that glass, if we see it as half empty, it because we are more than half empty with have no optimistic outlook we only see all that is wrong with everything around us and new come to realise that we are what wrong with out lives, not what surrounds us.  But if we see it as half full, then okay we maybe are only half full, but we are at least are optimistic that we can be fulfilled.

Well, what’s interesting in many ways is my change of perspective, the last fifteen months have changed me in many ways and I can’t actually put my finger on one thing that had made me any worse than I was.

But when I actually had a glass that was full, you know, all those bottles of wine which I would fetch in twos, four or five times a week, on to top the pint glass I would transport from bar to table, empty and return to the bar for a refill several times over four nights a week, my life was definitely one half empty in many ways and getting drastically emptier with each drink.

I was drinking mainly to escape my problems, to numb the pain, don’t get me wrong I drank and drank a lot before the world began to collapse, before the work dried up, before money became scarce and my world became dark, but eventually I couldn’t get by without drinking, I couldn’t relate to those around when I was sober, in those times stress was dominant and my life got to the point where stress was dominant almost all the time, unless I had a drink in my hand.

My life was in such a hole and I couldn’t see a way out, except for the moments when suicide seemed the only viable option.  I was definitely looking at my life as being half empty, strange but when my glass was full, I was more than half empty.

But then things changed, when I couldn’t get any lower, when I couldn’t commit suicide or should I rephrase that, God wouldn’t let me commit suicide, I found a way out, I turned to God and started the most amazing journey a human being could ever take, a life with Jesus, what could be better.

So, I stopped drinking, I emptied the Glass, never to be refilled,
I made that decision and I’m sticking with that and this new life.

But now I don’t look at the glass half full/half empty question quite the same way, it’s no longer half empty, as my life isn’t half empty, it’s full and overflowing with God, so for me now it’s far more than half full, I’m an optimist now, I have hope and belief in God, not despair and darkness, no longer the pessimist.

Gone are the days of a full glass and a life more than half empty. 

Now my glass is empty, my life is overflowing.

Just open your eyes
Just open your eyes
And see that life is beautiful
(Life Is Beautiful by Sixx A.M.)

8 thoughts on “Half Empty or Half Full?

  1. JD

    This is absolutely beautiful! I want to say that I admire your strength and dedication to overcome an addiction. Continue going strong and keeping your faith in God. You know Jesus loves you and with that knowledge you’ll be able to face any obstacle!

  2. lessonsbyheart

    Alcohol relieved my stress – but caused so many more problems that I needed another drink to relieve that stress – which caused more problems – more alcohol – more… You know how this goes, too, methinks!

    There’s nothing like Living Water to relive stress. It’s the hope of finally realizing that a hundred years from now none of this will matter! I’m so glad you found the Well that never runs dry.

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