Just Believe In Me

Just Believe In Me

I know there is pain
I’m feeling it too
I have a life for you
But you’re hiding from me
Under shadows of your pain
I promise I will find you

I feel your hatred inside
With every single thought
Tearing at your heart
Inside your fragile frame
And it’s ripping at my soul
But I’ll bring you peace

The moment slowly nears
You feel you’re near the end
As each thought strikes
Your hopes fade in desolation
But then there’ll be a light
That’s when I’ll be at your side

Then I’ll hold you tight
I will never let you fall
I’ll take away all your pain
Then the dark noise will clear
The evil will be brushed aside
My voice of reason will speak

Soon you’ll come to know me
I’ll save you from yourself
A voice within your ear
I’ll speak into your soul
I raise you up to live again
Never hang your head in shame

I’ll lead you from your darkness
Just walk with me
I’ll answer all your prayers
Just talk with me
I’ll stay with you forever
Just believe in me

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