New Life

New Life

From a world so barren
Of a soul so empty
With cold eyes staring
Out to an empty horizon

Buried beneath a mountain
Hurt within my heart
Sinking below the pain
Of a life growing cold

In an instant it was lifted
That mountain thrown aside
A light began to shine
A consuming fire burns within

Lifted from the bottom
Life new begins to thrive
Through Grace I stand
Thankful for a life with You

5 thoughts on “New Life

  1. CindyHFrench

    Welcome to the family! we all have had our troubles, our addictions. We are separated from the Father just by being born. So isn’t it wonderful when at last we are born again into His family by OUR choice this time of our acceptance of His Greatest Gift of All-His Son Who Paid My Debt, Your Debt, all Our Debts, so that we could one day know Him face to face? Even while only now able to speak to Him and have Him speak back to us and guide us to His Way? since you have just started reading me, you caught me at the best part now that I am reading “God’s Astounding Opinion Of Me” because I hope and pray that all of my writing, my prayer life, my thought life going forward will be changed because of this new way of thinking. Still if you do go back into my archives, you will see how I have come a long the way-sometimes crying and scratching, yelling and screaming, not understanding at all. I don’t know that we will ever understand it all. but then since when did I think that MY GOD should have to explain Himself to me? isn’t that what we ask when we ask Him, why? Yet I have!! I guess I have been as bad as the next person. God is no respecter of persons in that He loves us all and He doesn’t hold up one above the other. Satan, now if he can’t weigh you down on just feeling bad about being a bad person in general, he will try and get you on another sin, or just keep trying another and another until he does get you to just give in because “after all you are human”. I know that’s been my excuse sometimes. The “trick” if there is one is to keep your eyes on Jesus. Always be asking yourself, what would He do? What would He want me to do?
    I am always available to you as your sister in Christ and again, welcome to the Family!


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