Father Goose

Sometimes I’m sure I should be older than I am, whilst many my age (less than 3 months from 40, for those wondering) seek the high octane action films and random comedies of that last 20 or 30 years, I can take or leave them, I enjoy them, but often the stories are just quite shallow and the effects, stunts or language make up for lack of plot, good dialogue or decent acting.

Before leaving my Mum and Dad’s home just over twelve years ago, I amassed quite a video collection, I’m sure most of my readers will remember videos! The collection was made up of both purchased videos and hundreds of films recorded from the TV.

The thing was the majority of those films were recorded before the 1960’s, indeed many from the Golden Age of Black and White films of the 30’s and 40’s. I was a big fan of Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, The Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin and off course a big Cary Grant fan.

With the kids these days there is less chance of watching something in black and white, I’m sure they’ll think the TV is broken. When I get home they’ve got Disney XD on or some film like Cars, Shrek, etc, getting control of the TV isn’t easy if I want a peaceful night. Not that I mind some of those films, but not the same one over and over again for nights on end, please!!!

So this afternoon I found myself at home, very little to do except for a tiny bit of work and with seemingly nothing on the TV, I scanned the channels and found the film Father Goose had just started. I must say it’s not among my top Cary Grant films, not in the same class as North By Northwest, Bringing Up Baby, Charade, Arsenic & Old Lace, The Bishop’s Wife or Once Upon A Time you know, the one with Curly the dancing caterpillar! Come on some one must remember that one!

Nevertheless I hadn’t seen it in so long, I put it on while I was working. I actually remember the first time I watch this film, I was about eight years old and watched it in the main hall at my primary school!

I enjoyed the film again, it was a bit of a trip down memory lane, but I honestly do like the film. But for the first time I actually felt that had a little too much in common with Walter Eckland and his need for the alcohol that was hidden on the island, I understood his need to drink to cope with everything and everyone around him. I remember that feeling myself, I remember struggling to cope with just two kids playing up, never mind seven! My youngest was playing up just this evening, thankfully Victoria took her with her to a staff meeting, although I’m sure I would have coped just fine this evening, it’s a relief not to have to try.

But despite all his problems, at the end of the film Walter saves everyone, well you just never know!

When a world is in your arms
You try to pull it all apart
And keep the pieces not too far

We could wish upon a star
Or dream of kisses in the dark
But then we’d wake to find our hearts

I have whispered in the wind
And tried to force it all to fit
Into a lifeless silhouette

What the tree needs is the wind
And all a child wants is a kiss
To promise them that there’s no mystery

We’ve got the motions down
And we all have the moon and the raining clouds
We need to realize that all we love
Will show us what we all are living for

Beyond the moon and endless space
Could there be a final place?
To take us in with saving grace

Of the past that’s far from dead
And all the times that I have bled
I’ve found that hope has always led, and shown me…

We’ve got the motions down
And we all have the moon and the raining clouds
We need to realize that all we love
Will show us what we all are living for

I’ve seen the face of God inside the setting sun!
I’ve awoke in the dark to believe the things I’ve seen;
It’s all there

10 thoughts on “Father Goose

  1. javaj240

    “People Will Talk” is my absolute favorite Cary Grant film — that’s not one most people know, either. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Once Upon a Time”. I, too, really like “Father Goose”! Great post!

    1. waynemali Post author

      I’m sure I’ve seen People Will Talk, but having just checked on Wikipedia I just don’t remember the plot, so now I’m not so sure, I’ll have to look out for that one.

  2. What Happens to Us

    Yes, Father Goose is a throwback to the way people used to play alcoholism for laughs. There are so many films like that, including Harvey, The Philadelphia Story, and so many others. Often, as in these movies, alcohol is treated as the cure for what ails an uptight woman. The movie also walked close to the line on inappropriate relationships with minors. Despite that, Cary Grant and Leslie Caron are just so damn likable. Good choice to blog about!

  3. Frances D

    I am a huge fan of classic film, but somehow have managed to miss Father Goose. I saw all the other Grant films you mentioned; Arsenic & Old Lace is my favorite. Last night I watched Old Acquaintance – Bette Davis & Miriam Hopkins. During August I watched a lot of LIz Taylor. Favorites: Suddenly Last Summer & Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

  4. Patty B

    I must admit I too enjoy Father Goose and Operation Petticoat! It shows a side of Cary Grant that I just adore. Old movies are my favorite past time too so my kids know all about black and white movies. I always compared my dad to Walter though, although I knew he loved us he never saved the day – my pretending was always that dad would turn out to be just like Walter. He passed away when I was 14 so he never had the chance to save the day – Today I have found God and it is His Son that is my knight in shining armor always ready to come and save me from the enemy. In a way dad did save the day – by making sure we grew up knowing our Lord.


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