Lazy Saturdays

For the first time in absolute ages I’m having one of those days where I actually have nowhere to be and nothing I really need to do, so forgive me but I’m having a really lazy day, catching up on a bit a rest after a testing number of weeks.

On the plus side the side effects from the medication seems to be subsiding, the spaced out feelings and the feeling sick seem to have passed, I feel almost normal today.

Within myself I feel okay too, but so far this week there hasn’t been anything too testing to deal with, which has been a bit of a relief.

I’m still not sleeping very well, I still wake after around 4/5 hours sleep, like this morning I woke at just before 4am, I ended up watching “The Christmas Card” before getting back to sleep for a few hours somewhere around 6.

I think at first I was a little worried about the stigma I attached to taking antidepressants, I never thought for a moment it could happen to me, but then you realise once you start speaking to people, just how many seemingly normal people have taken them at some point in their lives, it removes that stigma altogether.

Hopefully this is the start of another recovery process, with things getting easier and in deed better as each day passes.  My journey continues and this is just a new obstacle to overcome, but with the strength granted me by God I have overcome so much, I’m not going to let this beat me, I’ll keep praying and I will get through this.

I see heaven, invading this place, I see angels, Praising Your Holy Name
And I sing praises, I sing praises, I give You honor, Worthy Jesus

I see Glory, Falling in this place
I see hope restored, healing of all disease
And I sing praises, I sing praises, I give You honor, Worthy Jesus

We give You Praise, and all of the Honor
You are our God, the one we live for
We give You Praise, and all of the Glory God

Let Your Presence fill this place, Let heaven come
Let Your angels be released, Let Heaven come
We will worship at Your feet, Let Heaven come
Face to face we want to meet, Let Heaven come

4 thoughts on “Lazy Saturdays

  1. leftnfree

    Yes, often times Father God places those lazy days in so we can get distressed. Glad that you are beginning to come around Wayne. You are in my prayers.

  2. nopew

    We really get trapped into cultural demands. Why do we call it “lazy” day instead of “earned rest”, or “recess” or my personal favorite – “oasis”. Anyway, recharge the batteries and delight in an unrushed tea. God is found more in the calm than our personal tornado schedules; well, I find that – maybe I’m just a weakling…


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