The Storm Within

The Storm Within

At times I find I feel so alone
Sat within this empty room
Arms wrapped around my legs
Holding them tightly to my shaking body
Chin pressed firmly against my chest
Slowly rocking back and forth
Silent sobs fill the empty spaces
Salted tears gracefully fall
Suppressed anger echoes from the walls
Within my mind a war is raging
A growling storm is gradually stirring
Howling winds whip up the waves
That crash down upon my soul
Slowly sinking beneath swelling tides
Never knowing how much more
A fragile faith can really stand
Just hanging on for a little piece of strength
To climb above the reckless seas
Until I stand upon the foaming crest
And command this demonic storm
To cease and calm at once
Then I’ll walk across the quiet waters
Until I meet the Son of Man
Because if anyone can free me from myself
He’s the only one who can

1 thought on “The Storm Within

  1. nataliescarberry

    This is powerful and moving. I pray that soon you do crest that wave and take His hand forever more. I’ve been reading a great devotional by Sarah Young that I recommend to anyone like me who is in want of moving closer to Jesus. It’s called JESUS CALLING. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


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