Verse of the Day – Zechariah 9:12

Zechariah 9:12

Zechariah 9:12

When I saw this verse earlier, the message really struck me, “don’t give up yet, keep fighting”!

You don’t have to say it you can’t deny
Every single heartache’s written in your eyes
Memories that haunt you, memories they got you
Looking for a place to hide
Oh, the anger moved in like a cancer
Like a paralyzing fear cann you even here me when I whisper

(Cause) But I, I’m on your side
We’ll win this fight so rest tonight
Cause Love is on the rise
Though darkness blinds
I’m on Your side, I’m on Your side

Know My love can shine through bitterness that hides you
Deep inside a world with no hope
Letting go of history, we can start a journey
You don’t have to do this alone

When your hope is lost and the flames burn high
When your weakness fuels what you feel inside
Oh, don’t look back has died
You’re still alive you’re still alive
You can rest tonight
I’m on your side
I’m on your side
You can rest tonight
I’m on Your side

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