Whatever Happened To Touché Turtle?

I have to admit, but I can at times be the master of random references, things in my mind work in a weird way and my collection of obscure knowledge just explodes from my lips.

When I’m teaching karate this tends to happen a lot, my classes are mixed adults and children, but predominantly full of kids.  I tend to take the higher grades which have been at the club some time, so they know me, I know them and more importantly they know my obscure sense of humour.

Yesterday’s class brought about one of those moments when the kids look at me with a blank expression, that look of “What is he talking about, he’s gone mad!”  Yet the adults smile as I provoke a memory of their youth.  I can’t remember what it was that brought the thought to mind, but I referred to a movement that one of them made as looking like…  Touché Turtle!

As I say, I was greeted with blank expressions and then the response, who?

Touché Turtle

Touché Turtle

It seems kids these days have never heard of Touché Turtle, what?  You’re kidding, right?

Even worse, they had never heard of Jamie and the Magic Torch either!  Although I wouldn’t expect my overseas readers to remember that one, it was shown here in the UK in the late seventies, classic cartoon!

Jamie & The Magic Torch

Jamie & The Magic Torch

Having seen some of the rubbish cartoon’s my kids watch, they should bring the classics back, I mean Fish Hooks, what is that all about?

We never get it on the first time
We never get it right
So we wander through the desert under cover of night
Looking for a fire that can bring us to life
seen a lot of bad in a short time,
so we’ve lived in spite
yeah, we boarded all the doors to the good outside

but you only get as old as the callous on your soul
and if you let the darkness grow, 
you will get hungry for more
until it consumes all

Oh, to be young again
To be confident and charming and believe it never ends
Oh, to be young again
I want to feel like I am closer to the start than to the end

I’ve been walking on a fine line
Between wrong and right
And it’s taken me to places I knew better to go
Put on a lot of faces at the theatre shows
Behind the curtain I am not a nice guy
I live with spite
And my bitterness compounded by the kids in the crowd
So innocent and open as they sing it out loud

There’s nothing you can do to stop from aging
All you have is this day
Every thought is a blessing
Every breath that you take
Everything outside of right now is illusory
It’s not real
The past, the future, they don’t exist.
All you have is now
Is this enough for you?

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