I’ll take this path that stands before
Upon which my feet step within the dust
Yet every step brings me closer to You
To where I feel Your arms reaching out for me

Don’t remove the rocks upon which I stumble
Because if I fall I know that You’ll catch me
Please leave the ice just where it lies
For if I slip You’re arms will hold me

As I travel the seasons may change
As the autumn winds blow from the north
Let the winter come and chill the bones
I know You’re arms will keep me warm

This path may undulate before my eyes
Never caring that this way isn’t straight
Yet I’ll follow it through both hill and valley
As I know You’re arms will find me there

This one is another that was written back in October last year, again it’s sat in my drafts folder.  What intrigues me most, is that I vaguely remember writing this one, just days I guess before the pathway became very uncomfortable, just weeks later I was in a real mess, fighting a depression I didn’t understand, but in the end I found the arms which kept me safe.

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