Rise Above The Oceans


Lord, I call to You
I cry to You
Lord, rescue me from these waters
I’m lost
I’m drifting
I have no strength
To fight this rising tide
I’m slipping below the waves

Lord, give me the strength
To rise again
To break free from this flood
To rise above the waters
Like the sun rises over the horizon
Let break above the surface
Let me stand upon the water
So I can walk to You
To Your open arms
To find safety in Your embrace

Lord, open Your arms
Reach out Your hands
And bring me home again
Bring me home once more

Child, I hear your every prayer
I see your every step
So do not be afraid
For in you I placed my Son
When you called upon my name
In you, you have his strength
In you, you hold his light
You hold his light deep inside

You have the strength
To rise each day
To rise above the oceans
And shine your light upon the earth
Be strong my child
Have faith in me
I call you now 

To rise above the oceans
And walk into my arms

The first part here is what I found myself praying at our Encounter meeting at Church this evening, then while taking a quiet time over communion, I felt I was being give then response.

I felt I’m facing another tough time ahead over the last few weeks, that I risk falling again like last November, but now I know I have the strength rise above this and shine.  But although I feel these words are for me, I also feel there are others than need to hear them too!

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