Still None The Wiser – A Lion Update!

Okay, so this question of the vision of a Lion on Wednesday evening is rolling on and getting me more and more confused by the minute.

So last night I prayed and asked what the Lion meant, why was I seeing it?  And guess what I then ended up seeing……


At this point I’m beginning to think I was going a little bit insane, it certainly wasn’t anything I was expecting to see.  I was wondering if this was just my mind playing tricks on me and I really wasn’t seeing anything, honestly, I really don’t know!

So this morning I started to read up on The Wizard Of Oz and I found that the vision of the scarecrow looked like the actual scarecrow in the film, yes dear old Ray Bolger in all his make-up and hat to boot!

So I looked into the story of the lion and his quest for courage.  I certainly thought it was interesting that the Wizard gave him what appeared to be alcohol to trick him into believing he was courageous.

Oh, hang on a minute, he had alcohol to make him feel brave!!!

Now that sounds familiar!!!

Who does that remind me of?

Oh yes, the old me!!!

The lion was looking for courage, courage which was in him all along, when he needed it, it was there!

I guess the poor lion had a reputation to keep up, it seems he found it hard to do that, he was insecure and fearful, which made he feel inadequate.

Now once again, that sounds familiar, but this time not so much the old me, more like the recent me.

I know I’ve been walking in fear over the last month or so, although I had breakthrough last week and feel like I am beyond that fear now.  Whether or not I’m reading this vision correctly, it has brought me to a big realisation, when I read of the Cowardly Lion, he actually showed great courage in the face of fear, without even realising it.

Now once again, that sounds familiar, none of this journey so far has been easy, it’s been a fight all the way and continues to be, but I’ve made it through, no matter how much fear I’ve felt, I’ve made it this far and still fighting.

Now with regards to the vision on Wednesday evening, as we weren’t actually praying for myself, we were praying for so many other people and needs, I don’t actually believe the vision was for me personally, although I have been able to find some inspiration from it.

So in all honesty I still don’t really know what the vision the other night really means, but I’m sure all will become clear in the near future, but any suggestions and comments would be most welcome.

Just one look on Your face
Just one glance of Your eyes
My whole world is changed
my whole world is changed

Oh I seek only to see Your face
I don’t wanna go anywhere without You God
Without Your presence
Oh let me see Your face
The beauty of Your holiness God
Take me into the holy place

And only one word comes to mind
There’s only one word to describe

Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty

There is no one like You
You are Holy

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