Walk With Me


Walk with me in the darkest of nights
When the pain rises between the shadows
When I’m all alone in silent fear
And the world outside has forgotten I’m here

Walk with me through the wildest storm
When the wind and the rain pierce the skin
When moving forwards becomes so hard
And I’m slipping backwards amidst the thunder

Walk with me up the highest mountain
When I’ve fallen on my knees and I can’t go on
When the rocks rip the skin from the dry bones
And snow capped peak seems beyond my reach

Walk with me into the fiercest battle
When the enemies appear everywhere I look
When the battleground’s stained with the blood of the fallen
And desolation erodes the faintest hope

Walk with me through the heart of the fire
When the flames tower over my head
When the heat of the inferno is to intense to take
And the desire to live melts slowly away

Walk with me in the deepest of floods
When I’m washed away by raging tides
When I sink below the ocean waves
And struggle for breath under relentless water

Walk with me in the brightest of days
When the new day rises with renewed hope
When battles of yesterday are a distant memory
And I’m free once more from the pain and brokenness

My child, why do ask this of me

I walked with you when you didn’t know
I was with you when you felt alone
I was with you in the darkest of hours
And I was there when you couldn’t see

I walked with you through fire and flood
I was your shield in the toughest battle
I was the one that calmed the storm
And I brought the mountain to it’s knees

I walked with you when you need rest
I was the one who carried you when you couldn’t go on
I was always there by your side in good times and bad
And I’ll be right here, by your side forever more

6 thoughts on “Walk With Me

  1. mommalisaof2

    I can relate to this poem. I’ve been in many of the places that were described. I’m so thankful that He walked with me, carried me, and held me through it all.


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