Time To Climb


What do you see?
Standing there before you?
Standing tall
A granite sentinel
Don’t be afraid
This mountain cannot conquer
You will not be beaten

Look out to the ocean
Tell me what you see?
The tips of past mountains
Breaking the shimmer of the sea
There lie all those sentinels
That once stood upon your path
Your faith has already commanded
To fall into the sea
There they lie
Beneath the waves

A power
Your strength
Can move this mountain
Defeat this giant
Throw it out into the ocean
Yet maybe this time
It’s time to climb this mountain
To stand upon the peak
This climb won’t be easy
The scars will be there for all to see
Yet I know you can make it

Remember all the heroes
From the words of the Good Book
Those who made it up the mountain
Encountered the Father right there
In way like none before
Upon that peak their lives were transformed
So climb my child, climb
It’s time to stand upon this mountain
So the world can see you shine

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