Sands Of The Past


My feet have wandered
Far from the path
I’ve lost the way
Now I find myself stranded
In desolate plains
In the barren lands
A lifeless desert
Surround by sand and dust
Every grain a fragment of who I was
It surrounds me
The barren
The waste
The lifeless

Now in the dust I find myself
Fallen down on scarred knees
With dirty hands
Grasping for hope
Face bent to the ground
Eyes fixed on where tears fall
Where tear stained crystals shine
In the radiance of the sun

Yet as I hold my hands before me
With my gaze fixed to the ground
The winds begin to rise
A storm begins to swell
Surrounding me as I cry out
I can’t go on
It’s all too much
Help me Lord
I’m trapped here within my past

As the maelstrom whips up
The grains of sand and dust
To a rage within the skies
As it clouds the sun
In the heart of the day
And hides the stars
In the dead of my night

When will I rise?
Will the day come again?
Will there be a time?
A moment?
A spark?
When I will rise?
To take the steps
Along the path
You set before me
Will I rise?

Will there come a day
When reflections within the eyes
For which I care
That I will see the new me
Will this world free me
From the chains of the old
Stop clothing me in the rags of who I was
And see the new creation rise
Will I be rid of these sands
Where my knees now sink
Can I stand and walk
To make it to new horizons

Don’t let these arms
Bear the scars
That say I’m not enough
Formed in the darkness
In a consciousness lost
Help me leave these plains
Still the storm
Clear the way
That I may rise again

I pray for You hear me
I pray for You to calm the storm
I pray for You to stay the winds
I pray for You to breathe into
This soul lost within the dust
Breathe new life Lord
Breathe renewed strength Lord
Let me rise
Let me stand
Let me rise before You Lord

Can I find the joy
Within in the storm
To sing out Your praises
Can I stand the test
And rise again

Bless me with the strength Lord
To stand within the storm
Bless me with the faith Lord
To call out to the winds
Bless me with the power Lord
To command the storm to cease
Bless me Lord to stand again
In the calm beyond the chaos
Bless me Lord to walk again
Upon the path which You have set
Let the world see
That broken souls can rise above it all

This is how I feel at the moment, that I’m still haunted by the past, I can’t get free, as much as I try, I feel others hold me there and it’s hard to see through the dust which they stir up.  I know the sand storms will pass, in the mean time I know I just have to hold on and keep faith in the Lord.

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