Stones Across The River


Where was I running
Blind, not knowing where to go
All behind me was burning
I had lit the flame
On a wasted life
Running into the unknown
With fires of desolation at my back
Until I came upon a river
Raging wide before my eyes
A point of no return
Across the waters my only escape
Yet with no way across
I fell to my knees
With head in hands I cried out

Then before me there came into view
Stepping stones rising from below the waters
I rub my eyes and turn away
Behind me the fires are catching
Not long now before I’m consumed
To the stones in the water I look again
Each one You put before me path
A word I never heard
A song that played within my head
And friends You placed along the way
Each a step, in the water across the river
To a new land upon the other side
Each a step to a new life

But the last step
The one I couldn’t see
Yet the one I had to take
It wasn’t there
My heart beat out my chest
Just one more step
Before I reach the shore
But still I couldn’t see
Yet one I knew I had to take
I had come so far
There was not turning back
To a life in flames

You were the step I couldn’t see
The one that bridged the past and the new
This is the test, the step of faith
To trust in You that my step wouldn’t fail
That I wouldn’t fall into the raging waters
I closed my eyes and out I stepped
To the stone unseen
My faith stood the test
Finding there a solid foundation
Before the step out onto a new shore
To a land I could never dream
For a chance at life anew

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