Beyond The Broken Walls


Here I am
Alone I sit in the deepest cell
In the dust and the dirt
Amongst the rusted chains
I sit alone
In my solitude I call Your name
Waiting for the Day
Simply waiting

I remember the night when the darkness came
This place shook
As I held my head in shame
The walls were broken
And the daylight came
And I sat still cloaked in that shame
Waiting to walk beyond the walls

I see beyond the broken walls
A world outside
One I yearn to belong
A distant future
An inner dream
Out there beyond the reach of my grasp
Beyond the cry of my heart
Yet here I stay
Waiting alone

As days float by
I watch the sun rise
And watch again as it slowly sets
I see the stars
Dancing across the night sky
And I do is stay and wait
Just waiting
Always waiting

I could run
I could walk right through
These broken walls before me
But where would I go?
What would I find?
Who would I be?
Yet would I ever be free?
So I stay and wait

Beyond the shattered cell
I see the broken stones
Of the castle that I once built
Now they just lay within the dirt
Covered by the dust
Of the night it all fell down
And I was throw into this cell
And left alone
Quietly waiting

Some days as I watch the world
Passing by beyond
I just want to rip
The sun from the bluest of skies
I crave to blot the stars
From the darkness of the night
To mask the world
And hide from view
As I stay here

I know there will be a day
When my future stands before
One that day those hands will reach
The hands of my jailer
And pull me beyond
These broken walls
But until that day
I’ll sing my song to You
Just sat here
Still waiting

2 thoughts on “Beyond The Broken Walls

  1. Peg Richards

    Powerful imagery, Wayne. This is one of your best poems! I relate to singing and waiting upon the Lord. It’s what I’m doing, too. Blessings–Peg


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