Sunrise & The Robin

Little Robin

Little Robin


I see you little bird
As you dance before my feet
No fear in your eyes
As you look deep into mine
Here we both sit
Before the rising sun
In the glory of the morning
In the new day that’s begun

As morning springs
In this autumn month
You find among the grass
A meal for this day
You knew it would be there
No panic in your wings
You find all you need
As this new day begins

Hey little robin
I wish I was like you
For The Lord he provides
So you never have to worry
But here I sit a heart in tatters
With a hope that seems to fade
As each morning passes I yearn
For fulfilment of the prayers I’ve made

Yet if the Lord feeds you my little friend
Then I’ve no need to feel hungry
If the Lord gave you wings to fly
Then I should get up off my knees
If the Lord keeps you in perfect peace
Then I know that He’s here with me
Thank you little robin
You’ve opened blind eyes for me to see

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