It’s Okay

I found this poem earlier this evening, it’s from back in May this year, I honestly don’t remember writing it, let alone posting it.  But having written over last night and today about how alone I felt, this seemed to bring some comfort.


Hello my child
I can see your heart
And I feel this is something
That I have to say
I need you to know
It’s okay not to feel okay

It’s okay
To be afraid of fear
There’s no shame
In the fear of being afraid
As when you’re frightened
I’ll be there holding tight

It’s okay
To feel alone in the dark
It’s alright to feel
Like you just don’t fit
Or that your life feels empty
I’ll be there to fill your heart

It’s okay
To feel that you are weak
There’s no shame in feeling that way
Or when you’re tired and weary
And you just can’t go on
I’ll be the one to carry you

It’s okay
It doesn’t matter to me
How far you fall
Or where you hide
Just lean on me my child
As I’ll be always by your side

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