Lost To The World

Lost To The World (Isaiah 44:3)

How did I get to this?
Where did I go wrong?
When did I let go?
What hope do I now hold?

Why does this world keep me?
What is there left I can give?
Does this world really need me?
Why is it too much for me to live?

In barren lands I find myself
Face to the dust here I cry
The only water here are my tears
Is there any escape from here?

Hold on tight me friend
The Lord will bring water to dry lands
He rescues the lost and His children from pain
And He can raise you from your depths
Just hold on tight with all you have left
For there is more in you than you know

(Part 1 of 7, Reflections of a Dark Day three years ago)

Isaiah 44:3

Isaiah 44:3

1 thought on “Lost To The World

  1. Hodgepodge 4 the Soul™

    I seriously hope you know that you’re a tremendous blessing-so anointed, giving a word in season. And I feel your love for our Savior in every post. May God continue to “bless you and keep…” (Numbers 6:22-27) 😀


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