At The End Of The Line

At The End Of The Line

I’ll be the one
At the end of the line
Waiting for you to come
To glide past the crowds
To where I stand
There at the end
To hold your hand
To never let go
Never again
I’ll hold on tightly
I promise
I won’t let go again
I did once before
I’m sorry you should know
I broke my own heart
And the echoes broke yours
But now here I stand
There beyond the crowds
At the end of the line
My hand at the ready
To hold on so tight
And when we leave from here
Walking free from this place
From here into eternity
Forever holding on
So tight, so tight
To never let go
Never again
So here I stand
At the end of the line

I’ll never let go again

I promise

Not this time

Never again

I promise

So here I’ll be

At the end of the line


3 thoughts on “At The End Of The Line

    1. waynemali Post author

      Thank you for your comment. When I first started thinking about this one about a week ago, it was very personal, remorse for love lost, but over the weekend I began to see it differently also, a message to me that it doesn’t matter who far away I get God will always be there waiting.
      Thanks again

      1. sonniq

        If you found a way to make life make sense that is great for you. I deal with addiction. I use the current tense because like you it is, and will be always there. I got off street drugs when I found Nichiren Buddhism and realized my life had value and I was blowing it. I was really good at hiding it. It did cause me to need a liver transplant 2 years ago. even though I cleaned up many years ago the damage was already done. Hep C. There are always affects for the causes we make and we have to go through them. The fact I’m alive comes from a very strong will to live and help others. I wish for you the very best.


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