Today I Choose

Today I Choose (Isaiah 48:10)

Trials I face
Where is my joy?
I toil
I burn
Where do I find joy?
Tests faced each day
Burnt heart as I go
Yet I feel the refining moments
I feel the impure
Burnt away
So I choose
Today I choose
To see the joy
To grasp the joy
The joy of the testing
In the refining fire

Isaiah 48:10

Isaiah 48:10

2 thoughts on “Today I Choose

  1. Jodee

    Just for Today…
    The more of God’s love you share, the more you receive. Lord, help me to be ompassionate when someone needs an ear and encouraging when someone needs a little support.
    When you are troubled, comfort someone more troubled, when you are lonely, reach out to one more lonely and when you’re unsure, give encouragement to the weary. To care for another makes us forget our own sorrows. LORD, please comfort me. Help me now to be a comforter.

    Wayne – this is a really good post. I enjoy reading your writing!


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