Unbroken Ground

Unbroken Ground (Hosea 10:12)

When did I break the light
And clothe myself in shadows
Why didn’t I find sooner
This pathway back to the life

You couldn’t break my light
Believe me many try
And no curtain can stop
Me from reaching you
I was always there
You just never lifted your eyes
To see the way I had for you
But now you’re here and I rejoice

Yet I stand here so, so sorry
I get so distracted by life
And I fail to sow in my unploughed ground
I fear I’ll never reap all You have for me

I hear your prayers
And see the regret in your heart
All your tears that fall
Born of the pain of life
Know that I collect them all
Now stand again the day is new
Together we’ll take up the plough
To ready the harvest I have for you

Hosea 10:12

Hosea 10:12

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