Two Days To Save A Life


I remember the day
A day of so much pain
Nearing the brink
Wanting it all to end

Darkness fell on a troubled mind
 Broken thoughts of a worthless life
Hope all spent
Please let this end

Hatched a plan
There in that run
Draw the steel and enter the water
And wait for it all to end

Yet at the last came a voice
To think of them
My precious two
To hold on now it’s not the end

Hatred and anger well inside
Too cowardly to live
And not the courage to die
Stuck in the void just before the end

I cried and cried
And the day passed to night
Until the morning came
And the new light began to rise

Your courage came in numbers before
A voice and a friend
At the end of the line
I feel the hope begin to rise

The mess of yesterday
You were washing clean
There’s a spring in the step
As a dormant soul is on the rise

They came, a smile
Their friendly faces
I cried and talked as chains fell
A soul is free, it’s time to rise

I call out to You
You gave me the strength
You told me here the healing begins
The beast defeated so I could rise


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