Thistles From Seeds

Thistles From Seeds

Shadows creep like fingers across my world
Writing words upon my walls
Seeds of doubt in their letters
Growing tiny thistles within my soul
Across my heart their words fall
Opening the breaks once so bound
Remaining hope seeps slowly out
How long must this night last?

He came before when I called His name
At my side when I knew Him not
Before His name was written on my heart
Now the weeds cover it’s hope
Once more I ask how long will this last
I’m calling now to Heaven beyond
Hear my cry as the soul become overgrown
You’re at my side but why can’t I see?

The shadowy words grow into doubt
Letters of doubt become an army of fear
It’s thistle soldiers overrun my soul
Still the light inside begins to flicker
Though my eyes don’t see or my ears catch His voice
He’s here tonight at my side
Shadows fade, the writing disappears
Thistles die back and flowers grow

For tonight my God is here within my heart

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