The Dream

The Dream

I’ve seen it
Night after night
In my dreams
All I need is simple courage
To just take a hand
And all will become new
Yet when morning comes
And I see it all there just as my dreams
My finger tips long to reach a hand
Still I walk on by
Defeated by eternal fear of rejection
The pain rises with the sun
To wear off with the day
I’ll see it once again this night
And repeat this pain again
A vision I pray for
A vision of hope I hold to
Still this fear inside
Rules my life
I walk defeated by my pride
So before I slumber
I close my eyes
I pray to You my Lord
Bring my dreams back to life
To erase this fear
Rebuild these ruins
To a fortress of love
Brought to life under Your light
Tonight I’ll dream
In the morning I’ll wake
I just pray it won’t be the same

1 thought on “The Dream

  1. mechristandchronicdisease

    I think everyone battles their own private war with fear we only win when we are strong enough to let the Lord in and fight for us. Sometimes the greatest fear we face is complete and utter surrender where we let go of our dreams and embrace the Lord’s plan for us.


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