My Defender (Exodus 15:2)

My Defender (Exodus 15:2)

Here I am stronger
In the presence of my Lord
My defender
My protector
The author of my salvation
I fight the darkest nights
And walk the brightest days
Singing my praise as I walk
Raising my voice to His love
My defender
My protector
I thank You for my all

Exodus 15:2

Exodus 15:2

2 thoughts on “My Defender (Exodus 15:2)

  1. brujsims

    Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    In the struggles in our life we aren’t alone,
    Our God would never leave us in our hardships.
    When our strength fails, He holds us up,
    He restores our souls when they become weary.
    Stay close to the shield of the Lord,
    Under the shade of the Almighty, let us do His Will.


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