Written In Prayer – Romans 8:26

Written In Prayer – Romans 8:26

Hope so distant
It just felt so far
I tried to stay close
Still distance in my fear
I cried out in despair
Not knowing what to say
Still a voice from deep inside
Spoke so deep into my soul

“Write it down
Your deepest prayer
Words you can’t say
Commit them to paper
The Lord hears them in your heart
Even when they’re trapped inside
Still when words fail
And fears grow large
Write it down
If it’s all you have
Write them down”

I know He hears
Even when I can’t speak
I know he reads me
Even when I can’t write
But I still write it down
When this voice falls silent
And  my fears begin to grow

Romans 8:26

Romans 8:26

1 thought on “Written In Prayer – Romans 8:26

  1. Gentle Breeze

    This can often be my favourite way of praying- no words and admiring God’s beauty in a golden sunset; no words and turning my head to the lilt of a blackbird’s tuneful melody from its high perch on a roof top or upper most tree branch; no words as too weary and worried to pray with words and instead holding a small wooden cross close to my heart; and yes at other times words poured down upon paper to stop them going round and round in my head often written in the middle of the night.
    May God bless you with a peaceful night.


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