Can you see the stream
That crosses your path
A path long and hard
Deep with the dirt of life
You’ve walked it so long
But only now you find this stream
Are you looking for a way around
Another path that you can take
Because this one you walk
Ends here at the stream
Do you have the courage
To walk into these waters
To let them wash you clean
To walk within it flow
Until you find a clean path to walk
This water looks so pure
Like nothing of this earth
It gently calls your name
Beckons you to enter
You could walk back along your old path
Forever bound to walk in dirty circles
Or here you could lose your pride
And take a step into it’s tide
Do not worry for the depth
Care not for where it goes
In this stream is a new life
One you’ve never known
So be brave my friend
And take that little step
You world will change forever
Inside you will come alive
For one day I came to the banks of mine
My stream so full of life
Into it my feet led me
With it’s tide I walked along
Washed clean as I went
Waters of life filled my soul
Until it brought me to a new path
And in that moment I met the Son

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