Flight Within The Storm – Psalm 55:5-6

Flight Within The Storm – Psalm 55:5-6

Black clouds gather
The storm looms ahead
I tremble in it’s shadow
Now knowing where to turn
How can I escape this
I’ve run from it so long
But I never could before
Feel free from it’s hold
I pray that I had wings
To fly and find a land of peace
Where storm clouds do not gather
And batter this restless soul

Once more I will protect you
Gather you up beneath my wings
Bow it’s time to stop running
Together we must face these things
This storm it may be gathering
Still I can command it’s fall
To put an end to the torment
I promise I will free your wounded soul
This time let us stand before it
And sing together for a while
Until the bright sun comes
And in freedom we will fly

Psalm 55:5-6

Psalm 55:5-6

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