Grateful – Psalm 116:5-9

Grateful – Psalm 116:5-9

Do I always show?
How grateful I am
To the God of all compassion
Do I show my thanks?
For the new life I have found
Maybe I could sing more
Raise greater praise to His name
To let Him know how I feel
Yet times I hide away
Not showing who I truly am
Or who He needs me to be
For He’s the one who saved me
In my trials He protects me
When I stumble He catches me
And the collects all my tears
So how can I tell Him?
Just how much it means
Still He’s deep in my heart
So I’m sure He really knows
But sill I’m going to do my all
To make sure He really knows
Just how much I love Him so

Psalm 116:5-9

Psalm 116:5-9

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