The Lambs Coming Home

The Lambs Coming Home

There he is
Alone in his room
Beside him an empty seat
Where she sat once before
They long since said goodbye
When the angel’s carried her away
Now he’s all alone
Giving up in his empty home
Above him on the walls
Random photos of his sons
With scattered pictures of their children
Yet these days he never sees
Barely seen his sons since she passed
Now he wastes his days all alone
Waiting for an Angel to bring them close
From drifting slumber he awakes
At the knocking upon the door
He doesn’t expect anyone these days
Beyond the door he sees the faces
That he sees only upon his wall
The look of mundane that he holds
Falls to the floor with the tears that flow
Three generations stand at his threshold
Father, sons and their children too
There to celebrate the birthday he forgot
His world has change at the knock of the door
Inside a will to live again
Across the floor he bounds like a lamb of the spring
They’ve come this far just to see him
A face so bright as he holds them all
This is everything he’s been praying for
In his once empty room they all sit
Only one seat left empty for the wife they miss
A room alive with the sounds of love
A heart alive in the arms of his family
He rejoices at the coming of the sons
His tears fall slowly down his face
And up in heaven the Father cries
The lambs have come home once again
A prayer answered by the Lord
And there’s a life alive once more

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