They Took A Man

They Took A Man

They took a man
One who did no wrong
They took this man
The one they should belong

He stood before them all
Silent in His innocence
On His head a crown of thorns
Death to be His sentence

Upon the cross hung
Not believing is there shame
Our King upon their cross
Oblivious to His holy name

There His blood ran for all to see
To His Father He committed His will
As skies blackened and the veil torn
A life given for a prophecy to fulfil

On the third they came to visit
Yet the stone was rolled away
It couldn’t hold back the love inside
Love came alive that beautiful day

But our King has now risen
They couldn’t hold Him in the grave
A man of sorrow conquered death
Our lives He came to save

There He died for them all
Those who placed Him upon the tree
And all that now call upon His name
He gave His life to set them free

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